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What time does school start? end? 

Regular Day: Start: 7:35am  Dismissal: 2:39pm 

Minimum Days: Start: 7:35am Dismissal: 11:51am

Delayed Opening: Start: 10:05am Dismissal: 2:39pm

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Welcome to the 2019-20 school year!  

2019-2020 APTS Executive Board

President: Beth Murtha

Co-1st VP Grants: Francesca Ferrara and Beth Asgarian

Co-2nd VP Fundraising: Ella Kinney and Alissa Jessup

Treasurer: Andrea Bellantone

Secretary: Cathleen Cahn

Website Coordinator: Tracy Cornell

Non-Executive Board Positions:

Chair of Membership & Directory: Elizabeth Benducci 

Economy Shop Coordinators: Lynn Markarian and Amy Soto

Holiday Festival Chair: Megan Aylward

Hospitality Chair: Barbara Capozzi

Freshman Class Reps: Laura D'Andrea, Natalie Kossak, Robyn McCarthy

Sophomore Class Reps: Stacy Alexandrou, Cara Goodrich, Mary Ann Musto, Melissa Nazzaro, Adrienne Phillips 

Junior Class Reps: Marybeth Hopkins, Kelly Puglisi, Joan Clemente, Cathleen Cahn

Senior Class Reps: Jeanette Park and Beth Rea (Megan Aylward, Barbara Capozzi, Alyson Cohn, Elizabeth Holowacz, Samara Latronica, Julie O'Brien, Sophia Roughgarden, Leyda Mejia Saenz)

2019-2020 APTS Meeting Dates:

September 10 (Tuesday evening, 7pm in Auditorium)

October 10

November 14

December - no meeting

January 9

February 13

March 12

April 16

May 14

June 4

All meetings are held on Thursday in the Little Theater @ 9am except where noted.


When you support the APTS through membership, you give students access to new experiences. This past year, the APTS Teacher Mini Grant program helped fund the following enrichment activities at Ramapo...

  • Business – History of Wall Street Walking Tour
  • World Languages - Trip to the Metropolitan Opera
  • Science - Filtration System for the Trout-Hatching program
  • English - Script writing workshop and play
  • Guidance - Ramapo’s Diversity Day, Wellness Wednesday programs

Hundreds of our students are reaping the rewards of your financial support!

Thank you for supporting the APTS so that we can support our teachers and your students! Please click HERE to access the Grant Request Form.

Click HERE for Teacher's APTS Membership Application

Marking Period 1 - Sept 5 - Nov 6
(Report Cards available to parents/guardians - 11/18)
Marking Period 2 - Nov 11 - January 24  
(Report Cards available to parents/guardians - 2/3)
Marking Period 3 - January 27 - April 3  
(Report Cards available to parents/guardians - 4/20)
Marking Period 4 - April 13 - June 23  
(Reports Cards available to parents/guardians - 6/23)
Quarterly Assessment dates can be found on page 29, and Wellness Weekend/Breaks can be found on page 31 of the RHS Student Handbook HERE


Please keep in mind...Calling all High School Students! Need community service hours? Look no further as we welcome you to volunteer at the shop. Sign-ups are simple. Volunteering is fun. Come join us!

Click HERE to volunteer (both adults & students!)